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About The Academy

School blackbelts.

It can be hard to decide just which martial art to take: there are so many styles and schools to choose from! Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, learn to defend yourself; add years of functionality and health to your life; or perhaps develop more intrinsic values – such as self-discipline, self-confidence or self-control, all play a part in your decision. And so many programs only address a few of those objectives! What you really need is a fun, complete, affordable, 'do-able' program that offers real, multiple values, in your training. But it's tough finding the right one; some schools offer competition training; some are more fitness oriented, while others go in for heavy self-defense or fight training. And every school says they're 'traditional'! But there is a difference!

Personal Attention!
Personal Attention
Direct Historical Lineage!
Direct Historical Lineage
Visible, useable growth and progress!
Visible, useable growth and progress
Mature leadership!
Mature leadership

What We Teach

We teach smart, easily learned self defense techniques - tailored to your body, and your capabilities!

We teach a safer, purer method of movement that is better for your joints, ligaments and tendons; it's better for your body.

At Jung Kwon Academy you will find 'more'. More speed; more power; more strength; more focus, more concentration, more balance - and more confidence!

We offer smaller classes, with lots more personal attention and plenty of one-on-one instructor time.

Proven, award-winning show and competition-level training, everyday fitness workouts and real life street defense. All at one school!

Our tailored program allows anyone, of any age, weight or ability, to safely begin their training, right away!

All classes are led by adult, Black Belt instructors!

We offer free individual help, before or after classes.

We are conveniently located near the main travel nexus of Western North Carolina, putting us within easy driving distances from Buncombe County, Haywood County, Madison County and even parts of Henderson County and Jackson County. Whether you travel on I-40, I-26, I-240 or a side road, we are just 2 minutes from the main highway interchange, and easy to get to.

For uniforms, gear or memberships; we have absolutely unbeatable price values!

And- you may not believe it after looking at the pictures in the galleries, but... this is a Tae Kwon Do school!

At Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy, we practice the oldest, purest, most traditional style of Tae Kwon Do (TKD) you can find. After years of research and cooperation among a group of Black Belts from various schools and styles of martial arts - we founded Jung Kwon Academy in order to practice the pure, original form of TKD. It's a style that is seldom seen nowadays due to commercialism, and the race to get a 'sport' into the Olympics. Original TKD used the best aspects of almost a dozen ancient Asian martial arts, with each technique chosen by a group of Masters that had set out to create the single most complete, effective martial arts system on the planet.

In the modern martial arts world, Tae Kwon Do is frequently thought of as a 'jumping/kicking sport', with little defensive value. Nothing could be further from the truth! Original Tae Kwon Do is so different from what you might expect- that you would think you were watching something else, entirely!

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Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy
WNC Barbell - Come in and check out our new home! More space and more classes!
237 Sardis Road
Asheville, NC, 28806

Phone: 828-400-2889

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Class Schedule

Open Mat Session Adult/Family Kids (age 4-8) Early Family Class Adult/Family
Monday 7:00 pm
Tuesday 1:00 pm 4:45 pm 7:00 pm
Wednesday 4:45 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm
Thursday 1:00 pm 4:45 pm 7:00 pm
Friday By appointment.
Saturday 11:30 am 12:00 pm
Sunday Closed.

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Safe for Seniors too!

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